Yes, You Can Say That: Lines to Negotiate $1 Million More in Your Career

People who negotiate their income earn an extra $1 million during their career. Ms. Katie Donovan, a salary negotiation consultant and equal pay advocate, will teach you how to be one of these people. You will learn the expectations, preparation, and ultimately the language of pay and benefits negotiation. Ms. Donovan's company, Equal Pay Negotiations LLC, teaches pay, benefits, and career negotiation skills through online courses, mobile apps, workshops, and personal consulting. Ms. Donovan has a 360-degree background in employment that includes working for a staffing firm, an applicant-tracking developer, and a trade association. She also has 20 years experience in negotiating. She is an advocate for equal pay specifically through her work to promote the elimination of unintentional bias in the hiring process. Ms. Donovan speaks on equal pay issues, salary negotations, and career management at such venues as Harvard Business School, University of North Carolina, National Association of Women MBAs, Association of American University Women, and 85 Broads. The media, including Cosmopolitan, Forbes, The Huffington Post, Fox Business, and many others frequently quote her. Organized by the MIT Graduate Student Council (GSC); recorded by the Office of the Dean for Graduate Education (ODGE).


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