Vehicle Design Summit

In 2006, Anna Jaffe '07, Robyn Allen '07 and Nii Armar '06, SM '09, launched the Vehicle Design Summit, a collaboration that included 25 college teams from across the globe to build within three years a plug-in electric hybrid car. More than 50 students from 21 universities came to MIT to create the first Design Summit, run entirely by students. At the Summit in 2006, students designed and built four vehicles run by solar, biofuels, and human power. Soon after, the driving prototypes achieved efficiencies between 60 and 300 mile per gallon energy equivalency. Their global slogan was: "We are the people we have been waiting for."
"We're hoping the vehicle will show a 95 percent reduction in embodied energy, materials, and toxicity," Jaffe says, adding that she hopes it also will also provide 200 miles per gallon energy equivalency or better."