The continued economic decline of the West

Has the age of 2% annual growth in jobs and salary levels come to an end in the West? Will the jobs drain to the East quicken? Are policymakers leading us away from the precipice or towards it? Often contrarian, Jon Moynihan's lecture draws on his decades of experience at high levels of business and government, together with calculations and analysis never seen before, to ask: is the continued economic decline of the West inevitable? And what, if anything, can we do to stop it?

"A frighteningly persuasive lecture that makes it clear that even as the world gets richer, the West may get poorer." ~ Matt Ridley, Author, 'The Rational Optimist'

Filmed in 2012, Jon Moynihan, Chairman of PA Consulting Group, speaks at the London School of Economics showing how previous speeches in 2009 at the MIT Alumni Association ‘View from the Top’ event, London and the MIT Club of Germany Symposium, Frankfurt have correctly forecast the persistent downtown in Western economies.

To view or download the complete slide deck used in this presentation, please visit the PA Consulting Group website.


MIT Club of Germany