The Center for Advanced Urbanism

The Center for Advanced Urbanism is committed to fostering a rigorous design culture for the large scale; by focusing our disciplinary conversations about architecture, urban planning, and systems thinking, not about the problems of yesterday, but of tomorrow.

Alan Berger, Director of Research, and myself are motivated by the radical changes in our environment, and the role that high design and research can play in addressing these. We embrace conversations with the world's absolute top experts in planning, engineering, and technology, all at MIT, to feed and foster the growing field of large-scale design and research.

We take pride in the fact that participants in the center do not just talk about things; they do projects, build things, and actively change our society out in the real world; and then come together to learn from each other's experiences, publish, and debate about future directions. The Center for Advanced Urbanism has been established at the initiative of the Dean and Chairs of the School of Architecture and Planning and reflects a renewed drive to excellence in urbanism.

Contributions from:
Adèle Naudé Santos, Nader Tehrani, Eran Ben-Joseph, Alexander D’Hooghe, Alan Berger, Sarah Williams, Brent Ryan, Meejin Yoon, Kent Larson, Chris Zegras, Miho Mazereeuw, Christoph Reinhart, Judith Layzer.

Cinematographer and Editor:
Stebs Schinnerer, Paper Fortress Films

Chris Jennings, MINDER
Prudence Robinson