Smart Grid - Opportunities for Innovation - MIT Club of Northern California


Neil Armstrong once said that our electric grid was one of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century.  Yet, in the next few decades, our electric grid will need to be modernized to meet the evolving energy challenges of the 21st century. These include increasing renewable energy generation and dealing with the proliferation of distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar panels, electric vehicles, energy storage, and smart appliances, while keeping electric energy supply inexpensive and reliable.


But with challenges come opportunities for innovation. New technologies such as grid data networking, smart meters, analytics and demand response algorithms will help modernize our electric grid and benefit consumers and utilities alike through enhanced energy efficiency, improved reliability, the ability to integrate new sources of energy generation, including at the local level.     


  • What new technologies, solutions, and business model innovations are required to allow a Smart Grid to be able to realize its potential to deliver these benefits, including adapting to emerging;distributed energy resources?

  • Smart Meters, aka advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), have been deployed throughout the state, but Time-of-Use (TOU) rates or dynamic pricing have not yet been implemented. Will they be mandated so consumers can start managing their energy bills better?          

  • With the smart grid, more energy devices will be networked and a lot of Big Data will flow. What innovations are needed to be able to analyze the data and optimize supply and demand in order to deliver benefits to energy providers and consumers?


Please join us to learn about the numerous Smart Grid innovation opportunities from top executives of leading smart grid companies in the Bay Area!


Andy White – CEO, Trilliant
Brian Thompson - CEO, Stem
Lisa Caswell – President, eMeter
Steve Malnight – VP, Pacific Gas & Electric
Moderator: Don Keller – Board of Directors, Orrick


Energy and Clean Tech Series