Putting it together: the modular car

With the 10^5 Competition, MIT's Vehicle Design Summit (VDS) will leverage distributed innovation to build a better car.

In August 2012, ASKlabs produced a microdocumentary about the MIT Vehicle Design Summit, an MIT Edgerton Center-supported team, featuring co-founders Anna Jaffe (Environmental Science MIT '06) and Nii Armar (Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT '08); Robyn Allen (Aerospace Engineering, MIT '07), a third co-founder, was not filmed.

Founded in 2006, with the goals of reducing waste in auto manufacturing and reducing global carbon emissions from vehicles, this dynamic MIT student group has grown to become an international design and engineering collective. To date they have built four prototype alternative-fuel vehicles at over 200mpge efficiency, and a vehicle intended for the Indian market that was built in Italy. The current iteration of the group is about to begin road-testing their ArchiMITes prototype vehicle that will be the basis for developing a modular car platform. The modular subsystems will be: Auxilliary Power Unit (APU)/fuel, body, dashboard, suspension, and chassis. In 2013 MIT's Vehicle Design Summit will launch their biggest initiative yet, the 10^5 Competition which will result in 100,000 permutations of vehicles that will achieve 100mpge or greater.

Producer/Director: Alberta Chu
Editor: Stephanie Munroe
Motion Graphics: Alex Hogan
Cinematography: Stephen McCarthy
Composer: P. Andrew Willis
Audio Mix: Eric Masunaga at Modulus
Post-Production Consultant: Gabriele de Simone
Gratitude: Murray Robinson, Camilla Brinkman, Alison Hynd
Filmed at the MIT Edgerton Center.

An ASKLABS Production ©2012