Phantomation - Animation UI Research

Phantomation sets out to teach players how to use animation tools in the animation program Play Sketch. Play Sketch is an animation tool that allows the user to create quick, simple animations. It also introduces a new animation feature called real time, which allows the user to record animations demonstratively without having to manually set keyframes. Throughout the sixteen levels of the game, you will learn different animation techniques such as key framing and real time animation in order to possess objects. In the main levels,it is entirely up to the player whether they animate with key frames or real time animation techniques based on their preferences. The research from this game will answer if these new animation techniques make animation more accessible and easier to learn.

Play the game at

Video by Steven Schirra

Interviews: Abe Stein (Staff Liaison, GAMBIT Audio Director), Lex Johnson (Lead QA)

Phantomation was one of 7 games made at the MIT Game Lab during the Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab Summer 2012 program. These games were made for researchers over the course of 9 weeks by student interns.


GAMBIT Games for Summer 2012