MIT/Harvard Gaza Symposium (panel 1)

The second annual Gaza symposium, this year jointly organized by MIT and Harvard, will host a series of panels on the role of U.S. and international actors, as well as human rights and international humanitarian law in the wake of recent events in Gaza. Bringing together experts in the fields of human rights, history, political science, U.S. foreign policy and law, the two-day symposium will include a range of views from US, Israeli, Palestinian and UN/NGO perspectives. This event is free and open to the public.

The official web site for the second annual Gaza symposium, including all updates, is located here.

Welcome and Introduction
John Tirman, Executive Director of the Center for International Studies, MIT.

A View from Gaza:
Congressman Brian Baird, Representative, Washington State (D-03.)
Moderator: Nancy Kanwisher, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the McGovern Institute, MIT.
Gabriel Piterberg, Professor of History at UCLA.
Irene Gendzier, Political Science Professor at Boston University.
Karma Nabulsi, Lecturer in International Relations at Oxford University and former PLO representative.

Sponsors at MIT: The Center for International Studies and its Program for Human Rights and Justice.

Sponsors at Harvard: The Middle East Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School; The Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Faculty of Arts and Sciences; University Committee on Human Rights Studies Human Rights Program at the Harvard Law School