2012 MIT $100K Competition Finals

This year’s MIT $100K Business Plan Contest drew a record 215 teams to compete for the coveted grand prize: $100,000 to start a business venture or market a new product. On the evening of Tuesday, May 15, eight finalists pitched their ideas to a capacity crowd in Kresge Auditorium — and while only one team walked away with the big check, there was plenty of seed money and startup opportunity to go around.

The winning team beat out the competition with its pitch for CloudTop, a Web-based application that would enable the user to connect disparate computer programs in a single online application. The team says the app may provide an entirely new computing paradigm: Instead of having to carry around a laptop with all your saved files, you may be able to access those files from any computer with an Internet connection. With the app, a user may take photos from Facebook, edit them in Pixlr, and save them into a Microsoft Word document — all within the same secure Web browser.

Read more at http://web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2012/cloud-top-wins-mit-100k-0517.html
Learn more about the $100K competition at: http://mit100k.org


MIT 100K Entrepreneurship Competition