Meet MIT AgeLab's AGNES

Meet AGNES — the MIT AgeLab's 'Age Gain Now Empathy System.' This suit was designed to provide insight into the physical effects of aging. The various components simulate the changes that occur naturally as we age. Put on this suit and you feel increased fatigue, reduced flexibility in joints and muscles, spinal compression, and difficulty with vision and balance.

Altogether, AGNES is more than just a suit. It is a calibrated method developed and constructed by exercise physiologists, engineers and designers. As demographics shift, we need to fully understand the needs of an aging population to design a future that is accessible and engaging for people of every age.

AGNES is a better way to see how a product, service or environment is used and navigated by an older adult because it allows us to experience it for ourselves. AGNES is one tool that we use at the AgeLab to study and improve life tomorrow.

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