LEGO Animation of Mitosis (without descriptive titles)

LEGO® Animations of Cell Division! The LEGO® Chromosome Set can be used to illustrate the two kinds of cell division: mitosis and meiosis. The key concept here is that mitosis produces identical cells while meiosis does not. The LEGO® fish in the set has three pairs of chromosomes with genes for the colors of the fish's tail, fin and spots.

The LEGO® Fish has three pairs of chromosomes: Chromosome 1 has the gene for tail color: green or white. Chromosome 2 has the gene for fin color: red or brown Chromosome 3 has the gene for spot color: blue or red

The gene color underlined above is dominant. (The word dominant means that in cases where a fish has two different color genes on a pair of chromosomes, the underlined gene color will be the winner.)

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