Keynote Panel: Why Is It Time to Try Again? A Look to the Future ??

Moderators: Tomaso A. Poggio and Joshua B. Tenenbaum, MIT

* Robert Desimone, Doris and Don Berkey Professor of Neuroscience, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences; Director, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, MIT?

* Jeff Hawkins, Co-founder, Numenta; Founder, Redwood Neuroscience Institute ?

* Susan Hockfield, President and Professor of Neuroscience, MIT??

* Christof Koch, Lois and Victor Troendle Professor of Cognitive and Behavioral Biology, California Institute of Technology; Chief Scientific Officer, Allen Institute for Brain Science, Seattle, WA

* Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google, Inc.

* Phillip A. Sharp, MIT Institute Professor, David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research

* Shimon Ullman PhD '77, Samy and Ruth Cohn Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Weizmann Institute? of Science