Inverted Platform Lobby 7 competition entry

Inverted Platform offers new perspectives of MIT's Lobby 7 to visitors and members of the Institute community by redefining the plinth as a new type of platform for viewing and storytelling. Large red horn-like objects are placed on each existing plinth, but rather than acting as the pieces of art themselves they are merely the receptors for stories to be told, and projected along the walls of the dome. The project, which won first place in the graduate division, is titled the Inverted Platform for the three different types of inversions that drove the project conceptually:

1 // Cultural: transforming the pedestal to a platform for storytelling.
2 // Functional: taking on the form of an instrument to amplify sound, yet perversely amplifying text instead.
3 // Technological: through errors of speech recognition, stories are transformed and re-authored.