Innovation in Post-Launch Surveillance and Pharmaco-Vigilance (Part Two)

Participants: Isaac S. Kohane, Director, Children's-HST Informatics Program; Associate Director of Bioinformatics, Harvard Partners Center for Genetics and Genomics; Nevine Zariffa, Therapy Area Director, Cardiovascular and Metabolism, Biomedical Data Sciences, GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals; Randall Lutter, Acting Associate Commissioner for Policy and Planning, FDA ; Joanna F. Haas, Vice President of Pharmacovigilance, Genzyme Corporation

These panelists describe struggling to transform their approach to drug safety, while acknowledging the need to regain public trust after troubling episodes involving drug side effects.

Host(s): Sloan School of Management, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation

Event date: 8/18/2005


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