Denise Johnson, LGO '97, on the value of LGO to industry partners

MIT Leaders for Global Operations program graduate Denise Johnson '97, General Manager for Specialty Products at LGO partner Caterpillar, speaks about the value to industry partners of participation in LGO.

LGO is MIT's dual-degree MBA and Engineering Master's graduate program, unique in being supported by and informed by its close links with 24 partner companies. Previously an executive at another LGO partner, General Motors (most recently as President of GM Brazil), Johnson has an excellent perspective on what LGO partners gain from their relationship with LGO students, faculty, and peer companies. She notes that LGO students' depth of both management and technical training, grounding in leadership skills and previous industry experience allows Caterpillar to hire them out of MIT into mid-career roles where they can manage a facility of up to 200 people. For Caterpillar, which is doubling in size every eight years and will see 30% of its executives retire in the next five years, Johnson says LGO "is the one place I can go to pull the intellectual horsepower into the company and get some top talented individuals with the right skill sets and the right background to fill the future leadership void we're going to have. For that reason alone, the program stands heads and tails above any other program in the country." To learn more about LGO visit