Making Mercurial Magma

Tim Grove's research focus is on the processes that have led to the chemical differentiation of the crust and mantle of the Earth and on the processes of formation and evolution of the interiors of other planets, including the moon, Mars, Mercury and meteorite parent bodies.

A professor of geology, his groups interests combine geology, marine geology, geophysics and geochemistry to interpret the thermal histories of geologic materials, to better understand magma generation processes, crystal growth and nucleation, phase transitions in minerals, diffusion in crystalline solids and silicate melts, as well as the time dependence of diffusion-controlled petrological processes.

In this video Grove discusses how, by cooking up artificial rocks from other worlds, based simply on the recipes implied by chemical signals from X-ray spectra, researchers can understand the deep history of neighboring bodies in our Solar System. Learn more about this work in the MIT News story "Mercury may have Harbored an Ancient Magma Ocean."