Attila Csorgo: Turning Out the Space


Turning Out the Space

Attila Csorgo, artist, Budapest, Hungary

Respondent: Thomas D. Trummer, Siemens Stiftung Curator of Visual Arts?

Attila Csörgö uses fruit peels to demonstrate problems of space and plane geometry in his work Peeled Spaces. Another piece, Distorted Spaces, is focusing on the photographic representation of our surroundings; by using hand-made cameras the images have unusual properties and become spatial entities. The Platonic Geometry is a series of kinetic sculptures dealing with the metamorphosis of a regular polyhedron. Csörgö applies the language of geometry and physics to traditional, pre-digital-age materials like sticks, strings and small electric motors to describe and reconfigure spatial relationships between objects. Csörgö's work has been exhibited in Europe and the United States. Attila Csörgö received the Nam June Paik Award in 2008.